Scenario Planning

Strategic planning has never been easy. Today, it seems there’s more to think about than ever before. Scenario planning can help you see possible futures and think through how you might manage under those different futures. Using a facilitated process, we help you see and think differently about what the future may hold for your company. Scenario planning is a wonderful tool and process that will help you become better informed and think more strategically about the decisions, questions, and issues you face in your business.

The process involves:
  • Scanning the business environment for trends and uncertainties.
  • Examining the driving forces and connections behind those trends.
  • Imagining probable futures, creating a vision for the future, and constructing hypothetical scenarios.
  • Creating strategies based on the vision and the possible scenarios.
  • Acting upon the strategy while watching for signals that a scenario is beginning to come to fruition or that a scenario needs to be changed.

In a sense, this process enables you to see the world a bit differently—to break out of the mental models on which you’ve been basing your decisions. This means you are more ready to deal with the inevitable real-life situations that are inconsistent with how the world has worked in the past.