Ideation and Productive Thinking

Are your peoples’ creative juices providing the nutrients your company needs to grow? Do you have a problem or opportunity that could benefit from some creative thinking? Great Questions has partnered with a leading creative thinking organization called thinkx to use the proven thinkx Productive Thinking process. Productive Thinking, described in Tim Hurson’s book Think Better, builds on the foundation of the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Process to lead your group from opportunity to solution & action plan in record time!

The Productive Thinking process begins with a deep exploration of the business challenge, so you avoid the “great answer, wrong question” syndrome by making sure the group is focusing on the right problem. The last step involves aligning resources and preparing for action, to ensure that the chosen solution is actually implemented, not left in the “brainstorm room” as participants return to their regular day-to-day responsibilities.

Each step in this six-step process involves divergent and convergent thinking. This means your group will come up with many possible options in every step, then choose from those options before moving to the next step. The divergent exercises lead to breakthrough thinking, so you won’t end up with the “same old” ideas and solutions you always think of. This is a fun, energetic, and sometimes exhausting process that we have seen positively impact many organizations in a variety of industries.